How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

TikTok, the most used social media app for younger generations , is now becoming increasingly popular. Adults who enjoy short-form content like TikTok too. Additionally, it can be used for educational purposes by teachers who create content. If you're thinking about how TikTok could do to help in education.

Make your essay longer with the words of tiktok

If you're struggling to write your essay, you may consider making the essay more lengthy using TikTok phrases. It is possible to create short videos that will help in increasing your word count and making you sound more intelligent. Students have been talking about these tips and some even handed them out to parents.

In most cases it is the case that increasing the word count of your essay is an excellent way to boost the overall length of your essay, without having to repeat the same content you've written previously. Keep in mind that instructors are able to spot any fluff. Therefore, it is important to put more emphasis on quality than quantity. For a longer essay Try to look at the essay's topic or prompt from a variety of angles.

Add more evidence

A way to make your essay persuasive is by adding more proof. This can be done by making reference to other elements within the essay. It is important to clearly outline each aspect and give supporting evidence. Anticipating opposing arguments is important also. You must be able to predict the arguments you'll be making in persuasive essays, and give evidence for every one of them.

Use transition words

These words help establish the relationships between sentences and paragraphs in your essay. These words enhance your writing's flow as well as create the context for your points. This is just a few instances of phrases to use: Charting can be used to track medical care. Charting occurs after the completion of medical care.

- Make the transition words explicit. The goal of transition words is to stitch the pieces of writing together, creating cohesion and consistency. There is a way to receive assistance when choosing the correct terms or phrases. An alphabet of transition words could help write your essay.

A thesaurus is a wonderful tool!

A thesaurus can be very useful when writing. Thesaurus can help you discover synonyms for words you often use, and also help in choosing the right word for describing an concept. Many students mistakenly believe that making use of thesaurus makes their appearance pretentious.

Thesauruses can help you change tones and nuance. Like, for instance, a term that is similar to prosaic gives your writing an academic vibe however vanilla tends to be more formal, and is more informal. It is important to remember that some words are more appropriate for specific audiences than others.

Avoid repetition

Make sure you don't repeat your essay when writing it. Repetition can be distracting and may affect the pleasure of reading your essay. Utilize the Find feature of an word processor to prevent repetition of terms. This tool will assist you in identifying terms and phrases you are repeating.

Another way to avoid repetition is by using thesaurus. Thesaurus allows you to replace common terms with synonyms. Some grammar checkers even include a built-in dictionary. Be careful to not use numerous synonyms. Thesaurus usage should be limited and used sparingly.

If you find yourself creating the same sentences over and over you can try writing your sentences in a different way. It will reduce repetition and will add a dynamic rhythm into your written work. Your writing will be much more engaging to read. The more repetitions you eliminate, the better the essay you write will be.

Another way to reduce repetition is to make use of pronouns. Pronouns serve as an alternative to describe various people. It is okay to use them a few times if it fits the context. Utilize pronouns as needed and use your own names very sparsely. In order to ensure your writing flows smoothly it's helpful to listen to someone read your work aloud. Also, you can look for patterns when editing.

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